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Welcome to Sudbury Town Council's website
Welcome to Sudbury Town Council's website

Green Burial Site

Sudbury Town Council's green burial site provides the community with the choice of environmentally friendly burials in a natural setting.

Green burial is designed to sensitively lay to rest someone in an ecologically friendly way. This is carried out with the least detrimental effect on the environment as possible. The burial of the body is performed using only biodegradable materials and body wrappings/clothing must be of natural fibres. The grave's surface will provide a habitat for flora, fauna, insects and mammals.

The graves are not marked with the deceased's details but are recorded on a plan. Tree and seat dedication schemes are available. Trees and shrubs planted periodically on the site are allowed to mature thus attracting wildlife and assisting the self-seeding of flowers. This process commemorates those laid to rest in a unique way in their wish to "return to nature".

Green burial information booklet

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For more details on the Green Cemetery please contact  Sudbury Town Council on 01787 372331 or by email

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